Currently Growing: an early aeroponic spring

We have been experimenting aeroponics and photo documenting our progress for more than a year now. During the 2017 winter, our vertical setup was in a countryside home with a majestic 14 feet high solarium.

This winter, being back in the city, we have been working in a much smaller space with no natural light. This forced us to become more efficient and we are having as much if not even more fun growing our fresh vegetables.

We built our garden in a 4 feet wide hallway with mylar papers. On the ceiling we have a fan, a cooltube, an electronic ballast and a 600W Hortilux Super HPS. The first aeroponic table on top is were we put all the fruiting plants and raddishes. Underneath it we setted up six T-5 sunblaster neons. The second aeroponic table sits there filled with herbs, lettuces and young plants that will eventually move on the top table.

We started growing early January and already harvested raddishes, lettuces, peppers, beans and ground cherries. We use Advanced Nutrients for our recipe. We should change our soup every week but to reduce cost and push our experimentations further, we change it every month. This should limits our results but we still succeed with impressive grow rates.  One of the way we achieve this is by monitoring the plants closely and adding specific nutrients at first signs of a deficiency.

Two weeks ago, we added blueberry plants that had been sleeping for two months in a soil pot. We washed all the roots with icy water and put the main plant and its babies in 3 inch coco pots that fits in our aeroponic tables. The first leaves started growing after 5-7 days.

But to our most surprised delight, the aeroponic spring brought us our first blueberry FLOWERS yesterday! We are very excited to see where this leads and we hope you will be pleased to follow our progress.




Vertiponic garden winter 2018