Vertiponic is a human-scale independant research and development company on hydroponics & greenhouse optimization for year-round food production.  It is the brainchild of Jean-François Lévesque and his life partner Noemi Desmarais and they operate in Calgary, Canada.

Some of their achievements include the development of improved High Pressure Aeroponic systems with lower cost than common Aeroponic technologies, a perfect mist and clog-free nozzles for an 11 months tested period. 

The benefits of HPA are well known since the work of NASA and Richard Stoner in the 90s.  It can increase growers’ yields by at least 30% with less space, 98% less water and 60% less fertilizers than regular agriculture.  It can also significantly reduce if not eliminate the needs for insecticides, fungicides and algicides and keeps the plants healthy unlike any other technique.  

Vertiponic’s work focused on identifying and reducing barriers to the still slow commercialization of this great technique.  They had several very successful High Pressure Aeroponic harvests even under sunlight and in winter conditions. The efficiency of other hydroponic techniques were also studied as well as crops’ preferences for an hydroponic technique over another one.

Most of their findings are still on hold from being published but their work is more relevant then ever when facing food security and supply challenges all over the world.  You can follow the new chapters of their life on the group Aeroponie & Hydroponie.




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